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To Sen. Specter: Please come back (or at least join someone else)!

Posted by ALmod on April 29, 2009

I know a lot of folks are ticked at Sen. Arlen Specter right now, but I actually like the guy.  He was one of the few remaining GOP senators that I can still stomach.  That pretty much just leaves John McCain (barely), at this point.

I can relate to Sen. Specter to some degree.  He’s a moderate like me, after all, and these days, I’m finding less and less in common with the mainstream GOP.  I believe in small government (with some exceptions), less spending (with a few exceptions), and a strong national defense (but force used with restraint).  Those are core GOP principles, but the GOP seems to be backing away from those principles to appease the far right.

The problem is that I don’t relate to the Democrats.  While I’m willing to compromise some spending and some regulation, I’m not ready to go as far as the far left wants.  The Democrats do have their moderates, but make no mistake…  They’re just as far left as the Republicans are currently far right.  I doubt that’s what Sen. Specter has in mind.

So why join the Democrats?  Do they really NEED any more warm bodies?  Why not instead break away with other moderates of both parties and form a strong third party?  I want MORE choices, not fewer.


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