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A GOOD Argument Against Government-Controlled Health Care

Posted by ALmod on May 18, 2009

While I’m actually for a government-run health care system like those run in other countries with significantly better systems than our own, I have to say that Dr. Paul has presented the best counter-argument I’ve heard thus far.  I can even understand his logic.  I just happen to disagree.

I feel that what he’s referring to would need more government controls (on health insurers) than we would be removing (on Medicare, etc.) to make it work, and the same politicians who would normally support Dr. Paul’s idea would also favor health insurers and let them run wild– thus screwing up the entire thing.  And so I’d rather support a system that is actually proven to work– where folks spend less money and get better care.

That being said, again, Dr. Paul does have some good points to make, and you don’t hear any bogus, scary talking points about how you won’t be able to choose your doctor and emergency rooms will be crowded.  Why is it so hard for opponents to make such rational arguments such as this?  Honestly, if this was the debate I typically saw from the right, I’d take them much more seriously.


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