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CNN demonstrates (yet again) why the MSM fails miserably at real reporting

Posted by ALmod on May 22, 2009

As Kyle Whitmire already pointed out, Larry Langford was on CNN Wednesday night defending the City of Birmingham regarding the recently released video of five police officers beating a suspect after a high speed chase.  And as he also stated, Langford decided to push the blame onto the previous administration, but he made a boo-boo in doing that.  Watch this video:

As you can see here, Langford first admits that he’s been in office for about a month, and then in the same exact breath goes on to say that it’s the previous administration.  The reporter who addressed him right after that then repeats that it happened under the previous administration, but as if that wasn’t enough, the other reporter asks some time later if the previous mayor and police chief have owned up to their responsibility on the matter.

And by my count, Mr. Mayor, late November through late January is closer to two months– not one.  While some conduct within the department might have been established under the previous mayor and police chief, there is no doubt that every aspect of this matter, from the act itself to the cover up, happened on your watch.  And as if that wasn’t enough, you made sure to make it clear to everyone that you were the boss before it was even determined whether or not you actually lived in Birmingham.  (Remember when you fired the department heads before you took office?)

No sir.  This one is all yours.  Enjoy.


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