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Poll: 48% of Alabama residents don’t know what “conservative” means.

Posted by ALmod on August 19, 2009

Okay, well not quite, but I had to take a little dig.  Ron Paul is a conservative, and 48% of the state didn’t support Ron Paul.  In fact, they canned him for being against the Iraq War.  I did get a small kick from this quote:

“There’s no doubt the Republican Party is the conservative party, so I think it’s got to be good news for Republicans in Alabama,” said Alabama Republican Party Chairman Mike Hubbard.

Yeah…  Sure you are…  Because  spending that STILL makes Obama’s look like a drop in the bucket by comparison (as long as it’s not a Democrat doing it) is a conservative principle?  Starting wars for no good reason is a conservative principle?  Government agencies spying on the citizenry is a conservative principle?  Throwing out the first ammendment for “free speech zones” is a conservative principle?  Throwing out habeas corpus is a conservative principle?  Big government is a conservative principle?

Good grief, Hubbard!  At least the Democrats are honest about being liberals!


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