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This can’t be right…

Posted by ALmod on August 29, 2009

So I’ve recently come to the conclusion that polls are b.s.  Some of that has to do with the fact that I took a look at wording and how questions are asked.  (Wording is very important, as I often remind my husband when he gets my drive-thru orders wrong.)  Take for example the following two questions:

1. Are you satisfied with your current health care coverage?

2. Do you think the United States needs some form of health care reform?

These are two very different questions, and I can almost guarantee that most people will answer to the affirmative to both questions.  Depending on which side of the issue you want to show support for, you base the question you ask on that.

This leads me to this next bit.  According to Ben Smith (and I can find no link to the actual poll itself), the Alabama Education Association recently sponsored a poll that showed a favorable lead for Artur Davis.  Now, I don’t doubt that Davis has a fair chance, but that’s not the part that gets me.  The part that stuck out for me is this:

“The survey finds President Obama holding up reasonably well in the conservative state: Fifty percent of Alabama likely voters are either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the job he’s doing…”

Call me a cynic, but I find that hard to believe.  While I personally have no huge qualms with the current president, my outlook isn’t as rosy as it was on election day.  To imply that the president is more popular in Alabama now than on election day rather than the oposite that seems to be true in much more Dem-friendly territory is a big red flag.  Of course, we don’t know what questions were asked.


One Response to “This can’t be right…”

  1. The GTL™ said

    Agreed, AM — I don’t buy it for one second either. Down here in Mobile, I seem to be the only one I know who admits he voted for Obama and will readily admit he’s anything other than the antichrist 🙂

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