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Obama Set to Use Christmas for Propaganda

Posted by ALmod on September 6, 2009

As you may have heard, U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama plans to deliver a speech to school children on Tuesday.  This shameful attempt to indoctrinate our children is without excuse for certain; however, it would be my great pleasure if I could only tell you that it ends there.

As you may know, our younger population is quite fascinated with the Internet and various “social networking” sites.  One popular website is YouTube, where they make their own videos and post them for the world to see.  For those of you who are not aware, our president has for some time been posting speeches to this website which very clearly push his policy goals.  Our young people are exposed to this indoctrination and have been for some time.  Of course, we all know how parents play the greater role in making sure our kids are using their computer time responsibly.  I would urge parents out there to make sure that they are not using this YouTube site so that their impressionable minds are not exposed to this shameful whoring of the president’s Marxist agenda.

My fellow Americans, I have also noticed his use of prime time networks to push his agenda.  This is during the time when your kids will be home from school but have not yet gone to bed.  Such an attempt by a president to drill his propaganda into our heads is completely unprescedented.  And as if the television were not enough, his administration attempts to reach us via the written word in emails and newspapers.

Now, word has reached me that the president plans to even use our sacred, Christian holiday of Christmas to push his agenda!  Believe it or not, the President of the United States plans to peddle his message in a cutsey “family oriented” Christmas delivery of some sort.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they shoved that new First Fleabag in front of the cameras as well!  But don’t be fooled by the gushy exterior.  This is in fact a way for the president to endear himself to Americans.  It’s nothing more than red and green propaganda.

Of course the Obamas don’t have to worry about how insulting this is for us Christians since they are in fact practicing Muslims.  But just how far are we willing to let them go in this War on Christmas?  Every year it gets worse and worse!

I am urging all my readers to write to your senators and representatives– even state legislators and gubernatorial candidates and the White House itself if you can.  Ask them to stop this obvious attack on our values and our traditions by using them for political gain.  We may never get back the airwaves and the printed media when it comes to propaganda, but we will NOT stand for letting them use Christmas in this way.


5 Responses to “Obama Set to Use Christmas for Propaganda”

  1. Blair said

    I’m constantly astounded at the Republicans ability to fear monger the American public. This blog starts by calling the President “Barack Hussein Obama” of course invoking the Muslim and therefore foreign aspect of his name. “He can’t be like us, that’s not a Christian name!” It seems to completely bypass these Republican morons that the current economic situation was created by a Republican president, you’ve gone to war because of the lies of that same Republican president and you’re only defending insurance company profits by protesting against health care reform. I’m Canadian and despite the Republican’s best effort to characterize our system as socialist, communist or other. Spewing lies that we can’t pick our own doctors, that we have to wait in lines, that it’s somehow inferior (all not true), we still hope that the American people will see through their bullshit. Canada’s healthcare system (and all public healthcare systems in the Western World except the US) work very well. Think about it: Canada has 37 million people, all covered by the government policy. America has 45 million uninsured. At the very LEAST you could have all those people insured under one plan. The Republicans like to run an ad where a Canadian went to the US for brain surgery to save her sight. They fail to mention though that the surgery cost her over $100,000 which the ad is helping pay for. The same surgery, had she had it done in Canada (which she could have) is covered. Like an American, she’s now in debt for eternity. The ONLY thing you’re accomplishing is to protect greedy corporate profits, but because they wrap it in the American flag, serve it with apple pie and make the President’s name seem “foreign”, you buy it, lock, stock and barrel. Don’t you get it yet, being Republican isn’t about revealing truth, in fact it’s about keeping you stupid; about gaining power and any means justifies the ends. They’ll lie, cheat, steal and whip the public into a frenzy as long as it helps them regain that power. Educate yourself first. What IS American is making sure health care is for everyone. Don’t let these Republican special interest groups hijack your health.

  2. ALmod said

    *clears her throat*

    “This entry was posted on September 6, 2009 at 3:02 pm and is filed under Laugh It Off, Satire.”

    It’s okay, hon. Take a breath.

  3. hoboduke said

    If I was interested in working, I could work for this President! He does love to give speeches. What if your boss stopped you from doing your job 3 times a week, to listen to a motivational and inspring speech on something? I would feel so much better, that I wasn’t working while sitting on my brains during his motivational speech.
    These little kids while picking their nose, doodling, and looking out the window will be inspired! They will come home with a vision to help our President.
    Too bad there’s no exciting speech for the unemployed people.

  4. Don said

    Joseph Goebbels (, if he were alive today, would no doubt be envious of President Obama.

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