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You stay classy, Paepcke!

Posted by ALmod on October 29, 2009

Anyone who reads my blog knows I’m not a Langford fan.  And I think the guilty verdict was deserved.  Heck, Langford’s own defense pretty much consisted of “Langford did it, but…”  There are no buts.  Langford did it and admitted it.  It’s nice that you think he’s a swell guy in spite of that, but it boils down to the fact he did it.

Now all that being said, let me direct you to this writeup by Kyle Whitmire, who (along with John Archibald) covered the trial spectacularly.  Now once you’ve read that, watch the video of Langford’s reaction, and then pay attention to the second reporter and the question he asks.  That reporter was NBC 13’s Jon Paepke.

Now, it’s quite obvious to anyone who isn’t a moron that Paepke wasn’t asking a serious question.  That was a kick in the nuts and berries that you’d expect from a blogger or pundit– not a professional news reporter.  Grow up.


4 Responses to “You stay classy, Paepcke!”

  1. Madison said

    In Paepcke’s defense, Langford has always pretended like the 2020 Olympics bid wasn’t a joke. And then he gets pissed when someone else does the same thing? I don’t buy it.

    I was surprised that it was the second question.

  2. ALmod said

    Oh, I realize that it was a ridiculous situation. And I’m not necessarily defending Langford, either. From the Olympics to cruise ships, Langford was serious or at least pretended to be. But again, it obviously wasn’t an honest question, and snide remarks and jabs are something that you’d expect from pundits– not professional news reporters.

  3. Rob said

    Thank you for pointing that out. In the context of the trial verdict, Paepcke’s question was snotty. It deserved the grim silence that followed it.

    Langford did climb down into Paepcke’s ditch, though, with his subsequent remarks. To hear him and Mrs. Langford tell it, the trial verdict was a miscarriage of justice to be blamed on the media, the “lazy” jurors, the scary federal government, and the entire state of Alabama, where a black man can never get a fair trial.

    But this isn’t a black and white thing.

    And John Archibald gave him fair hearing in the Birmingham News.

    And you know, Langford isn’t really upset with anybody. Except the media, the government, the city, the state….

    You could get whiplash by trying to follow him. Fortunately we know by now that the man is all talk, and that when things don’t go his way, everyone is to blame except for Larry Langford.

  4. ALmod said

    Oh, by all means, I’m not going to sit here and defend Langford. I’m just not going to act like anyone from NBC 13 deserved a Schadenfreude moment. It’s not like any of them bothered to really call it into question before then.

    One of my friends put it really well… There’s a difference between rooting for your team to win and rooting for the other team to fail. Pointing at the fouls along the way and yelling at the referee for not calling them isn’t unheard of, but mooning the other team when you win in spite of all that is unnecessary and poor sportsmanship. (You can however point out how badly they behaved in the post-game interview. Mooning is still inappropriate.)

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