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Archive for the ‘Site News’ Category

100 Days: The Gloves are Off

Posted by ALmod on April 29, 2009

I said a while back that I would hold off on any real criticism of our new president until after his 100 days.  Why?  Well, for starters, I wanted to be fair.  I didn’t even start blogging until President Bush was well into his second term, and I didn’t criticize him at all until well into 2003.  Frankly, I’d blamed many of his initial problems on things that had lingered after the Clinton administration left office.

So I figured that I’d let Obama get the chair in the Oval Office good and warm before I started clobbering him.  Does this mean that the economic situation is his fault?  Yes and no.  It’s not hard to remember that the crisis we’re feeling today started well before the election.  However, Obama is and will continue to be responsible for any turns of the economy following implementation of his economic policies.  The budget?  I’m holding off on that one, as well.  Why?  I believe that the budget Obama gave us was also a direct result of what he was left to work with following the Bush administration’s leave, so I’m giving him a full year on that one.  If next year does not begin a continuing pattern of pulling back on spending, I fully intend to turn into my not-so-nice version.

Does this mean that I’m going to go easier on the far right?  Absolutely not.  Many a “conservative” blogger has lost respect in my eyes the past few months over the fact that they’ve gone to the far right, and by “far right” I mean the paranoid crazy-eyed minions of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh who seem to be jumping at every flicker of the lights as a sign that Obama is out to get them and destroy the world.  To them, Obama is a sinister being bent on world domination, and because of that, I can’t take them or anything they say seriously.  Apparently, neither can at least 70% of the population, since only around 30% disapproves of President Obama, and of that 30%, “disapprove” doesn’t necessarily mean “thinks he’s hell bent on destroying the country.”

I won’t be pouring gasoline over anyone’s head anytime soon.  I’d like for any critique of mine to be taken seriously, thank you very much.


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Okay, so I’m bored…

Posted by ALmod on November 6, 2008

Hope you guys like the new look for my blog.  I’ve been getting more and more hits from all over the world lately, so I figured I’d go with something a little more clean and professional-looking.

In related news, I’m looking for a co-blogger or two now that I’m getting more traffic.  Being the World of Warcraft addict that I am, posting from me will likely drop slightly once the Wrath of the Lich King expansion is released.  I have at least four “toons” to level from 70 to 80, and then there shall be raiding to do!

So if there are any interested parties out there, feel free to email me.  (My email address is located in the contact link above.)

I also had some folks ask me about the donkey in my avatar.  It has nothing to do with my political preference (even though I voted against nearly every Republican on the ticket this year).  I just put it there to symbolize Obama’s win.

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The Bitch is Back!

Posted by ALmod on September 9, 2008

I suppose that I felt I spent too much time researching information for the 2008 presidential campaign to NOT write about it on my own blog.  Plus, it got tiresome to copy and past things over and over again.  But as I followed this race, I’ve stumbled upon story after story that hasn’t hit the major news outlets yet–  a piece here and a piece there.  So I figured I’d bring it all together.

And I’d like to thank the McCain/Palin campaign and their supporters for inspiring me and making it possible.  Most of what I’ve learned has been a direct result of things I’ve seen from them.

And so, at least until this election is over, be afraid.  Be very afraid.

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I’m BA-ACK!!!

Posted by ALmod on June 25, 2007

Well, I’ve been noticeably gone for a week.  I got home and realized that I never did mention that I had a vacation of sorts planned.  My father recently moved to Foley, and we went for a week-long visit.  No Internet.  No politics.  Just good clean beach fun and something that I don’t get to see much at home…  green grass.  I’d almost forgotten what a healthy lawn looks like, as my own lawn is crunchy and brown.

So what did I miss?  Well, there was quite a bit going on.  I came home to a full email inbox and several messages on the answering machine.  Apparently something interesting happened in Argo, because everyone from a state representative to a newspaper reporter to a lawyer to my best friend and fellow Argonaut has been contacting me!  But I’ll get to that later.

For now, I’m going to sit back and get caught up with current events. I’m going to post a bit on my own blog, on Between the Links, and on The Gun Toting Liberal.  Speaking of the GTL, I should have mentioned before I left that the site has a great new look, so you should check it out.

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Interesting Search Terms

Posted by ALmod on June 8, 2007

According to my site stats, these are among the most common search terms that bring people to my site:

  1. trash service in trussville
  3. alabama senators fist
  4. mr pickles ron paul
  5. thomas jefferson boobs

Some things I really don’t want to know.

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Posted by ALmod on May 23, 2007

That’s me, at least. As you already know, I’ve been contributing to Between the Links on occasion. I’m very happy to announce tonight that I’ll also be contributing a couple times a week to The Gun Toting Liberal, which The Moderate Voice refers to as “one of the best blogs on the Net.” I was very humbled and honored that the GTL would ask me to join in on the fun. Honestly, I don’t know that I’ll be able to live up to the other contributors over there, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

I’m adding a new feature later this evening. If you’ll keep an eye on the links to the right, I’m going to add a new category for other blogs that I contribute to. Maybe if I send Gunny a few of my readers, he’ll be a little more forgiving when I write a stinker or two.

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World of WarCRACK!

Posted by ALmod on May 5, 2007

I’m officially hooked. I bought a trial version not too long ago. Fourteen days of play for what people say is an incredibly fun game for only $1.99. What a deal! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s no different than crack dealers who lure you in with a free taste to get you hooked. Once my first two weeks were up, I had to have more. So now I’ve bought another 30 days, and at about $15/month, it’s not a bad deal. (No, Blizzard Entertainment is not paying me for this post.) Hubby has another 30 days as well so that we can play together. Quality time and all that.

If any of my readers happen to be fellow adicts and would like to group up and kill some boars, you can find me on Exodar.  I’m starting up a new character, a human paladin named “Kimbeatria”.  If you happen to see a character named “Almoda”, chances are that it’s me, too.  If there’s any doubt, just email me.

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I’m BACK, Baby!

Posted by ALmod on May 4, 2007

I’m so sorry that I had to leave for a while, there. I had about a gazillion things going on in my life, and as you know, they come first. For the record, I’m still very busy and will continue to be through the summer months, but I can at least get back to regular posting. I guess an update is in order.

My father is much better. He’s been back to the doctor twice now, and he’s moved to Foley. He should be done furnishing the house by this weekend, but we won’t be able to visit until the end of May or beginning of June. (There’s just too much excitement around here!) We found out that he has high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. He has a fondness for the KFC, so the tough part is going to be keeping him on his diet. He refuses to eat oatmeal. I wasn’t much of an unsalted/unsweetened oatmeal fan myself until I discovered frozen blueberries and fresh peaches. You can heat the berries with the oatmeal or cut up the peaches into the prepared oatmeal. Either way, you get a juicy sweet treat with every bite, and it’s better for you. Maybe I can try this trick with him. If that doesn’t work, I’m shoving Cheerios down his throat. My stepmother made the observation that the hospital let him eat biscuits, scrambled eggs, and bacon for breakfast like it was okay for him to have it. I wanted to strangle her AND the nurses. “Moderation” does not mean “at least three times a week.”

My mom is doing better, too. She’s out of the hospital, now. Thank you for all the prayers and emails. I don’t think I got around to telling you what happened. She was coming home from her sister’s house when a police SUV (lights, no siren, responding to a domestic dispute) hit her Altima head on. I think the combined speed of the impact was around 65 mph. The engine was practically in the back seat. Mom’s left ankle was broken and dislocated. On the left side, she had a compound fracture, a shattered ankle, and a chunk of missing flesh (not just skin). The doctor told us that night/morning that the artery in that foot was gone and that she would lose her foot. Since they would fit a prosthesis, she’d lose her leg from the shin down. Thankfully, the doctor was able to find the artery during a later surgery, so she’ll keep her leg. They’ll fuse her foot to her leg bone, and she won’t have the fast recovery and greater mobility that she’d have had with an amputation and prosthesis, but she’ll have her own body part. In the meantime, she isn’t able to get around on her own, so she’s staying in a nursing home for a few months until she can put pressure on at least one foot and get around on her own.

My brother and sister-in-law finally moved. They’re in the Quail Ridge subdivision. I still haven’t figured out if that would be considered Odenville or Argo. They have been told that it’s Argo, but their zip code and utilities are Odenville. Argo doesn’t have it’s own postal code or utilities, so it’s hard to tell. If anyone knows, let me know. They also want to know what school system they’re zoned for.

I’ve talked to not one, but two other people who are in the process of moving to Argo. One is in Misty Pines and the other is in the Jefferson County patch behind Crosspoint. I’m excited to have them, since both seem to have small children who could potentially be future playmates for my little Punkin.

Speaking of the baby, she’ll be a year old this Wednesday. I have her birthday party scheduled for the following Saturday. Nothing fancy. Just cake and ice cream. I considered some adult drinks and appetisers but decided against it when I realised that catering for 40 isn’t cheap. I’ll save the open bar and kabobs for the adult parties. (Somebody suggested foie gras, but I don’t even like the stuff. Besides, this is a birthday party for a small child. Foie gras is just overdoing it.)

We’re having a yard sale tomorrow from 8:00 a.m.-noon. If you’re in the area, stop by. I have plenty of baby stuff to get rid of, and if we don’t sell it, I’m giving it to TEAM and whatever other charities will take it. My husband has some comic books that he’s looking to get rid of. It’s mostly because I’m sick of having them in boxes in my basement. Some of them are probably worth something, so it’s worth taking a look. (He just sold a few old Transformers toys from his childhood on eBay for over $100 only to find out that he could have sold just one of them for $200 by itself. He still has a few of those left, too.) If they don’t sell, they will be used to roast marshmallows in the near future.

Now I’m not saying that my husband is a packrat, but we have a box of rocks sitting on a shelf downstairs. Rocks.

Meanwhile, it looks like former gubernatorial candidate and fellow blogger Loretta Nall finally got her case dismissed. Good for her! You can read the article here and here, and you can see her gloat about it (and it’s some well-deserved gloating) here.

Ooh! And they found kryptonite!

UPDATE: Thank you to one Alabama Moderate reader from Argo, who sent me a map showing that Quail Ridge subdivision is in Argo.

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Argo is Moving

Posted by ALmod on April 17, 2007

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been sparse on the posting lately.  I’ve had some issues to take care of with my family.  My dad had heart surgery not too long ago, and he’s in the process of moving to Foley.  We’ve been busy with that.  Then on Thursday night, my mother was hit head on by a police officer who was responding to a domestic dispute.  We were told Friday morning that she might lose part of her right leg.  So now we’re dealing with that on top of everything else.  I just don’t have time.

But things are still moving in Argo, and an old familiar blogger has come through for me.  Some of you may remember “Jackson” from Blog Diggity.  (It was a moment of nostalgia for me, too.)  I was very excited to hear that not only was he a resident of Argo, but he’s also willing to take over the Argo posts.  Jackson was doing this back before most of us knew what blogging was, and I haven’t heard from him since 2005.  Turns out, he’s one of my lurkers.  He’s an excellent writer (much better than me), and he had quite the following back then.  I’m very proud to have him taking over for me, since I had no idea that he even knew who I was until last night.

Before I forget, the URL for his blog is

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It’s coming… It’s big…

Posted by ALmod on April 17, 2007

And I’m going to leave you with that!

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