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Who Used the Term First?

Posted by ALmod on December 14, 2009

In an answer to Don, who commented on one of my blog postings just before comments closed– as they do after a month…

I’m going to turn this into a formal request to all of my readers.  Please Google a question before you ask it.  Otherwise, expect a long time before I can respond.  How long?  Well, Don posted his question on the 5th, and I’m just now getting to it, but a quick Google search allowed me to answer his question in about 5 minutes.  A lack of an answer doesn’t mean that I can’t answer.  It just means this…  I’ve been tied up with other things, and I simply don’t have time to answer every email that comes across my desk when you could have answered it yourself.  I’ve had no less than sixteen different people emailing me and wanting to debate in length the entire Tea Party issue, policy issues, and the health care bill(s).  From here on out, if your question starts out with something akin to “What does the health care bill say about…”, please don’t expect anything less from me than, “Here’s the link.   You tell me.”

December is a HORRIBLE month for me almost every year, but this year has been particularly bad.  Of course, the holidays are going to make December quite busy for anyone.  I have no less than five parties to attend every single year whilst toting a toddler and cramming in my last minute shopping that, yes, I should have done in October.  This December, that’s compounded by a few other things.  I had a car accident a couple weeks ago, and it’s taken me quite a bit of time in talking to the other people involved, dealing with the insurance company in totaling out the car, picking up police reports, getting a rental, getting out of the rental, and buying a new car (which involved quite a few days of haggling with dealers and doing research).  That’s not all.  My aunt sent me an invitation to a lesser family holiday event that led me to believe the big party had been rescheduled, so we accidentally scheduled two parties on the same day, but my mother seems to create drama over the fact that we’ll be late (as opposed to not showing up at all).  That’s not all.  My daughter is having some trouble in preschool that has required some parent-teacher conferences, a screening by the local public school system, and appointments and phone calls to a child psychologist for a screening.  The psychologist is supposed to be good, but their office apparently isn’t great about picking up the phone or returning phone calls when you do get through.  That’s not all.  A shipment of Christmas gifts purchased online hasn’t shown up yet, so I’m making calls to THEM to see what the holdup is.

In a nutshell, I’m swamped.

So now, to answer this question in particular, which seems to be the subject of many emails to me from many different people:

The first joke that I can recall was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in March, where he showed footage of Fox News’ Griff Jenkins saying demonstrators were going to “teabag the White House.”  You can find that footage on and various other places.

Here is one of those clips.

As is widely known, the tax day protests were highly PROMOTED (not merely COVERED) by Fox News.  I’ll let Rick Sanchez bust this one for me:

Various footage of Fox promoting the event, even to the point of them labeling the event as a “Fox News Tea Party”:

Speaking of Fox News and promoters…  I’ve already proven to SEVERAL of you via email about how the promoters and Fox News used pictures of other events from as early as the 1970s and represented them as pictures of the tea party protests to make the crowd seem larger.  That was easily proven to be the case, and if for some reason there’s still someone out there who’s going to ask me to prove it, I’d ask you to Google it.  It’s out there and quite easy to find.

By the way, I didn’t happen to notice anything snotty in the way CNN covered the event.  But in particular, pay attention to what starts at about 3:33 in the video, so I hope that when Fox News manufactured this outrage over something that they created (but claim that the liberal left created), nobody takes them seriously.  It’s why I brought up the subject of the photograph thing.  In fact, Fox News making things seem a certain way when it isn’t is nothing new:

Like when they used footage of the wrong event to make crowds look bigger at a later event.

Of course, by the time the jokes started from MSNBC– the most widely distributed source of the “humor”– it was early April.  By then, the meaning had already been widely known, as you can see from reports in February and March of tea party protesters using the term.

Here’s a sign in February.

That was in fact the earliest example of anyone using the term in that manner in regard to the tea party protests, and I’d challenge anyone who says otherwise to provide the evidence to back it up.

Well after the double meaning became widely known, it was still used by many sites promoting the events and people holding signs at the big rally:

Here’s one website.
Here’s one sign.

All that being said, the argument that I keep hearing is that “it wasn’t all of the protesters/promoters or even a large percentage.”  Nevertheless, it was still protesters/promoters who first started using the term.  It was these same protesters/promoters who made up a decent portion of that large crowd that you boasted.  Are you going to say they didn’t count?  Even if they don’t, it’s still completely false to say that anyone from the “liberal left” or began use of the term in reference to tea parties to pick on you.  Your guys used it first, and it was funny.  The other guys just went with it.

Yes, I noticed the term the first time I heard Griff Jenkins utter it, and because I recognized the term without anyone having to tell me I’ve been accused of being crude or hanging out with questionable people simply because I recognized the term.  I’m sorry to break this to you, but I know because I (like 11 million other people) play World of Warcraft, which gives me significant exposure to high school and college age kids and their vernacular.  Anyone under the age of 35 (and some over) will likely be at least vaguely familiar with an urban dictionary and the words held within.  “Teabagging” isn’t exactly an obscure word, either.  In fact, I’d say it’s more widely used than “fallacio. ”  And because of the age of many of the players, it’s become quite common in-game to “teabag” your fallen opponents.  As you can see from the video below, which was made in 2008, it’s typically taken as a psych out or a joke to those you’ve defeated in-game:

By the way, if you are fnot familiar with the terminology used in that video, the jokes will go right over your head.  But please don’t ask me to break it down and explain what this guy’s talking about.  That would require nothing short of a novel.  Instead, I’d recommend a free 14 day trial of the game.  Run to a major city (which you can do at level 1), and read the chat.  After an hour or so, you’ll have a better idea.

Juvenile?  Yes.  Crude?  Maybe.  Out of the mainstream?  Obscure?  Hardly.  World of Warcraft isn’t the only MMOG out there, and I can assure you that the terminology is pretty much the same in all of them and even some outside the game.  And if WoW has well over 11 million subscribers, then imagine how those numbers add up when you include other games.  Does that make me crude?  No.  I just play a game, and part of playing that game exposes me to words that aren’t even necessarily limited to the other players within the gaming community.  It’s like calling folks who watch CSI crude or implying that they’re less morally sound than you simply because they’re familiar with the terminology used on that show.

So if you guys don’t mind, I’m going to be AFK for a while.  I realize this isn’t exactly OOC for me, since I do it a lot, but don’t expect me to run you through any instances anytime soon.


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Ahoy, Landlubber!!

Posted by ALmod on September 19, 2009

Yaaarrr!  Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

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Time to Sell Out?

Posted by ALmod on September 13, 2009

Dan’s move got me to thinking about it.

With a busy family and all these days, I just don’t have the time to cover every little thing in politics that I’d like and still have a life.  This has taken me to where I will save up some stuff and then write a longer post maybe once every week or so that covers more general ground.  They’re decent write-ups, but the on again off again way I’ve been writing hasn’t really helped me maintain a steady readership.  Still, when I have something new, it gets attention.

So I wonder if it would be in my better interest to simply become a contributor to a much larger blog.  I’ve had a few offers– some now and some in the past that may still be good.  They have larger audiences, and I’m sure I can still keep a solid log of these posts here as well.  Even better, I can have someone proofread my stuff when I get the urge to do satire, which I apparently stink at.

I know I’ve got some readers.  I’ve seen the site stats.  Let me know what you think.

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Blame my guild…

Posted by ALmod on May 17, 2009

They’re the reason I’m so behind on my posting, but at least we got Yogg-Saron down.  (Video games make me happy, and they lower the ol’ blood pressure after I’ve listened to Glenn Beck for a few minutes too many.)

Descent into Madness 1

Descent into Madness 2

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You may look for me in Ulduar.

Posted by ALmod on April 17, 2009

I’m still on Terokkar, but my main character has undergone a name change and a guild change.

Kathy, check out the new name before you go to the next paragraph.  I’m sure you’ll like it, and while she does have other titles, I thought that one was more appropriate for the name change.  She also has a pet one-eyed alien named “Willy.”

DH will be getting a new name soon as well.  We currently have “Thedoc” on reserve, and he plans to rename his pet to “Kaynine.”

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Tidbits From Elsewhere: 3/27/07

Posted by ALmod on March 27, 2007

It’s a slow news day, again.  How slow?  The top story seems to be Anna Nicole Smith’s cause of death, and that was yesterday’s news.  So we’ll just see what everyone else is up to.

Fox News:  Tony Snow has cancer again.

Alabama Improper:  There’s a SNL sketch with Peyton Manning that you just have to see.  Thanks to Jeff Vreeland for putting that up for us.

Alablawg:  I was planning on commenting on the Ken Guin situation, but Wheeler says it so much better than I ever could.

Between the Links:  Dan has posted a rather interesting Troy King ad.

Birmingham News:  It’s harder to get some types of cold medicine.  No kidding.  I’ve resorted to calling my doctor for a prescription for a pseudophedrine/guiphenesine combo.  It’s just easier (and sometimes cheaper) that way, since my health insurance covers it.  I can pay $11 for a week’s worth of meds or $7 for a month’s worth of meds and not have to search for a brand that has changed its formula.  At least, it’s a lot easier than Stephen Colbert’s suggestion, in which he buys meth from a dealer and then reverse engineers it into Sudafed (and then cleans his kitchen for 72 hours).

Birmingham News:  We’ve all seen the Peep torture websites.  The Birmingham News had an article Sunday (funnier with the pictures) where they did their own experiments.  It has me wondering if anyone actually eats Peeps.  The idea of a Peeps smores sounds good, though.  Well, not everyone has a sense of humor.  (Scroll down the page.)  Lighten up, lady.  It’s just good ol’ fashioned playing with your food, not advocating torture.  We (or apparently some) eat these things, too.  That doesn’t mean that we’re advocating cannibalism.

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Tidbits From Elsewhere – 3/15/07

Posted by ALmod on March 15, 2007

Seems Rosa Parks is up for sale. Her body isn’t up for sale, mind you, but her name and image are.

And Birmingham’s “entertainment district” now has a private investor. Great! Let them have it! As long as it’s their money they’re wasting and not my own, I have no problems with it.

It seems that Jefferson County Commissioners can’t get along. So, there’s no real news there.

If you needed a reason to believe that the term “for the children” is overused when a politician or business wants something, well here it is.

I can’t believe that this is being talked about as if they’re raising money for a charity or something. By the way, isn’t that (raising money for charity) what they should be doing?

And here’s some really big news. If you’re a politician and you go on a comedy show, they’re going to make fun of you. I’m shocked.

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Funeral Arrangements for Enterprise Students

Posted by ALmod on March 3, 2007

The Montgomery Advertiser has them here.

Very sad. From what I understand, the father of one of the dead students is currently serving in Iraq, although I cannot find an online article that has this information. I already can’t imagine getting this kind of news as a parent, but to get this kind of news when you are already in that type of situation must be beyond unbearable. Very tragic. My thoughts and prayers go out to these families.

UPDATE: Brian apparently has some info on the soldier (s) who lost their children in this tragedy. There were, if I’m reading correctly, actually two soldiers who lost children. One is currently fighting in Iraq and the other is scheduled to return to Iraq in June. You can view Brian’s post here. If you follow the link in his post, you can get information on each of the students who died.

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I’m still here!

Posted by ALmod on December 29, 2006

I’m just bogged down a bit with all of the holiday stuff. I’ll be back in full force after the first of the year, and I have a surprise, of sorts! (It’s part of the reason why I’ve been scarce, lately.)

So please don’t think I’ve abandoned my blog. I am still here, after all.

There are a few things I did want to talk about, but I don’t know that it’s worth a full posting, so I’ll just go off onto some random babbling. (As if I would ever do something besides babble on randomly!)

First, was anyone besides me shocked to hear exactly what Gerald Ford thought about everyone? I so did not see that one coming– especially when I heard him talking about former Ford staffers Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld! Wow! I mean, wow! I knew that Ford was more of a Goldwater Republican, but… Wow!

Wil Wheaton dot Net (WWdN) is a site that I used to frequent back when I was doing tech support. It’s a blog that’s kept up by non other than the brave, brave guy who played what could be argued as the most hated role in Star Trek fandom. Yep! Wesley Crusher, himself! Salt of the earth kind of guy, too! For the record, I was one of those teenage girls who used to drool over my television while watching TNG.

I don’t know why I quit reading his blog, but I added the link to my blogroll, and I’m reading him again. Something that made me think about him, in particular, is the way our world is today. Wheaton actually predicted from 9/11/01 that we would end up where we are today. At the time, I was a Republican (capital “R”), and I thought it was a conspiracy theory, but I let it go and just humored him. It’s hard to think and admit that he was right. Since then, I’ve redefined myself as an independent voter and a moderate. While I still somewhat consider myself to lean Republican, it took a lot for me to realize that the party has leaned so far to the right that it is hardly recognizable as the red party that I’d grown to love. The last presidential election saw me voting in the blue, for crying out loud! But one thing that I do remember was Wheaton’s ominous prediction just after the towers fell: “You will be less free next week than you are this week.” Or something like that. Forgive me if I misquoted you, Wil.

Now, onto something else… I read this today, and I thought it was just bizarre.

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