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Disclaimer (please read)

This site is intended to be viewed via a web browser.  I use links and hovers to reference quotes, and when my posts are copied or printed, that is often not reflected.  This makes it look like I may have said something (or plagiarized it) when I was actually quoting someone.  For that reason, I will say right now that I am not responsible for unauthorized reproduction or distribution of my writing.  In other words, please do not steal my stuff, and if it has been stolen and used without my written consent, I am not responsible for misinterpretation that may occur.

If you want to use something on this site, just drop me an email.  It’s listed on the “Contact” page.  The link is to the right.  I am usually happy to provide things like references, site stats, and even printer-friendly versions of my posts.  I will also send you signed written consent along with the content.

This is primarily an op-ed site.  I have an opinion, and this is my place to voice it.  My intent is not to sway public opinion or influence, although that may happen.  My intent is merely to let you know how I personally feel about a subject.  If you feel differently, I welcome that.  At the same time, I realize that I’m human and that there might be circumstances where my facts are wrong.  If that is the case, please contact me to let me know.  All it takes is a simple email or even a comment.  I’m happy to change any factual errors, as I can assure you that they are unintentional.  If the error is in a quote that I’m referencing, it’s fine to let me know, and I can post a note within the posting, but I cannot change the article that is referenced.  My advice would be for you to contact whatever publication the quote came from.

I am not responsible for information provided by third parties, including (but not limited to) comments made by others on this site and information on other websites.  I will however review a particular comment on my own site upon request.  Depending upon the situation, I may edit or even remove a comment.  This is only done in extreme circumstances, where hate speech may have been used or if something untrue and potentially damaging has been written.  Just try to comment responsibly.  Calling someone a “pinhead” is allowed.  Seriously accusing someone of being a member of the Nazi party is not.

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