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Posts Tagged ‘gay marriage’

That Pesky First Amendment

Posted by ALmod on June 23, 2009

So here’s the argument:  The definition of “marriage” should be left to religious groups who believe that it is defiined by one man and one woman while the government handles “civil unions.”

So here’s the problem:  To do that and put it into law, the federal government must specify which religious definition of “marriage” to use, and in order to do that, Congress would have to make a law “respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” as it would very clearly establish one religious definition over several others– including some Christian groups.

Currently, the states handle the definitions under which they grant marriage certificates, but should any seperate marriage from civil union, they would be left with a very possible court challenge regarding the First Amendment.  At least, in the wording, it cannot state that marriage is defined by any religious means.  If it hasn’t happened yet, it will eventually.

The only way that this could be avoided is if the state issued “certificates of legal union” as opposed to “marriage certificates” to all legal unions– including religious heterosexual ones.  Certificates of marriage would have to be distributed by religious institutions, and they could not be exclusive to any one religious group.  This includes religious organizations which have no issue with homosexual marriage or polygamy.  Further, “marriage” could carry no additional privileges under any state or federal law.  To allow anything else leaves the law open to challenge as an establishment of one religion over another.

So my question is to other heterosexuals out there who use the above argument.  Would you have an issue with the government issuing you a “certificate of legal union” rather than a “certificate of marriage” with all religious institutions (including those who support gay marriage) being able to distribute the latter?  If so, do you feel that a “certificate of legal union” would be inferior to a “certificate of marriage” or the ability for other institutions to distribute “certificates of marriage” would cheapen it?  And if that is the case, do you feel that to say as much brings the “seperate but equal” argument into play with the gay marriage issue?


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Michael Steele: Private health insurance is burdensome on small businesses.

Posted by ALmod on May 16, 2009

Okay, so maybe that’s not what he actually said.  But consider for a moment what he’s suggesting.

Private health insurance is burdensome on small businesses, and I agree with him on that fact.  And if a small business (or even a large corporation) has issues with getting the deals that it can get on “bulk buying” private health insurance, then how exactly is it not to be expected that an individual who does not receive such a benefit from his employer would have the same issues?

But on the subject at hand… Isn’t it just abso-posi-lut-a-tively adorable that Mr. Steele seems to think that gay people only wed people of the same gender to gain legal benefits?  (And Santa Claus is real, too!)

You know what else is going to burden small businesses, Mr. Steele?  Straight couples.  Let’s say we forbit company employees from getting married and having children.  Those do put a rather large strain on the company as well.  And seeing as how that’s the majority of workers, I’d say that would ease a HUGE burden on those small businesses.

And for that matter, paying salaries also hurts businesses.  What say we cut that out, as well?

Just remember, folks.  When GM and Chrystler tank, it’s all because of “the gays.”

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A Humble Request to the Right

Posted by ALmod on April 10, 2009

Please research your terms (NSFW) before you use them.

Now, if it was just the one incident, I probably wouldn’t have said much, but apparently, there’s also the issue of the anti-gay rights crowd and their brilliant idea for a campaign name.

Repeat after me, folks.  The Urban Dictionary is your friend.

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