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Sen. Sessions to Host Town Hall on Health Care

Posted by ALmod on August 11, 2009

Because the best person to inform the public on a bill is someone who’s vehemently opposed to it and tends to encourage misinformation?  And of course, the glass-eyed masses in this state will eat it up like ice cream.  Not that they’re interested in any serious discussion on the issue, or the truth, for that matter.  Just a few predictions on things that will be “drilled home” with the faithful:

Illegal immigrants will have health care paid for by taxpayers.

“They don’t want illegal immigrants getting the same health care as tax-paying, law-abiding Americans.”

How, exactly?  A public option is simply that, and just like Medicare, folks would be required to have a card and identification.  Even Canadians who have a single payer (which is not being discussed seriously) have social insurance cards.  Of course, there’s always the possibility of identity theft, but that happens now under private plans as well as government plans, and it’s just as illegal.  Nobody is discussing free health care for illegal immigrants.  Period.  Only about 21% of the uninsured are immigrants, and that includes those who are here legally (as in those who pay taxes, too).

A public option is designed to insure people who don’t “earn their keep.”

“They don’t want to spend a bundle of money they don’t have to insure millions of Americans who can’t afford to pay for their own policies.”

This is simply untrue.  As you can see from this Fact Check article, the uninsured has almost nothing to do with not being able to afford health care.  “Twenty percent of the uninsured have family incomes of greater than $75,000 per year, according to the Census Bureau…  Even higher-income jobs don’t always offer employer-sponsored insurance, and not everyone who wants private insurance is able to get it.”  In fact, the problem isn’t entirely limited to those without coverage.  Rather, some with coverage are denied benefits later based on whatever loophole the insurer is able to find.

Speaking of broke people…  I forget the numbers, but there are  quite a few bankruptcy filings that are the direct result of medical costs.  Many of those are from people who actually had insurance.  I wonder what the overall effect to the economy would be as a result of removing those medical costs from the equation.

And we all know how Sessions feels about the uninsured…  Those children ought to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and buy their own health insurance.

Democrats bad.  Republicans good.

Parker Griffith is a fine example of how people just don’t pay attention to what is actually going on.  The poor guy is a member of the Blue Dogs and has very loudly proclaimed his opposition to what’s currently out there, but that didn’t stop some rather disturbing scenes at a recent press conference.

“They complained he was scared to hold a town hall meeting of his own, regardless of the fact that he held one in Huntsville in early July. He said his staff is working out the details for another such meeting this month in the Shoals.”

Yeppers.  The opposition won’t let little things like “truth” and “facts” get in the way of their outrage.  It makes me wonder how many of these yahoos showing up at the town halls are birthers.  Then again, I probably don’t want to know.

It’s “socialism.”

In the words of Inigo Montoya, “You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means.”  In all seriousness, the word “socialism” gets thrown around so much that it’s hard for me to take it in any form of seriouness.  I’d imagine that it’s having that affect on a lot of people, since it was thrown around quite heavily in the last election, for all the good it did.  The reason why it continues to be used is because it conjures up pictures of Nazis in the heads of the weak-minded.  Yes, the idea of using taxes to pay for public services could possibly be defined as like socialism, but it’s far from the actual thing.  And regardless of that, we’re far from becoming a Nazi state.  The thing that politicians and their nodding, smiling (when they’re not foaming and shouting) minions are calling “socialist” is the same principle that is applied to schools, police protection, fire departments, water and utilities, road work, etc.  And yes, there are some things that should be considered rights and no privilleges, and those things are better left to government as oppposed to private industry.  Can you imagine the expense if you had to pay a private organization for all these services?  Not to mention, could you imagine the chaos if different companies were working in the same areas for some of these things?  I happen to be one of thos people who thinks that health care is one of those things that should be a right, and that it’s better organized and less expensive in the hands of government.  And considering that countries with have government-run health care pay less for better care and live longer…  I’d say there’s good evidence to support my belief.  We aren’t exactly reinventing the wheel, here.

The elderly will be euthanized.

Mark my words.  Some form of this will be encouraged.  None of it is even close to being true.  The language that many of these people are referring to is actually describing counseling every five years on setting up a living will.  As for “cutting Medicare expenses” as some have latched onto, what’s being discussed is how to cut out unnecessary tests and procedures by those who are trying to milk the system and essentially drive up costs for everyone.  I’m talking about that doctor who actually ran a blood test on me to diagnose an ear infection and the other doctor who decided that a freak one-time high cholesterol test was cause to put me on expensive medication for the next 50 years of my life rather than attempt diet and exercise first.  Both were situations that I actually experience, and for the record, my cholesterol was better than normal at my checkup the following year– without any expensive meds, I might add.  It doesn’t just happen with humans, either.  Keep an eye on your vet bills, folks.

And kudos to the team at The Daily Show for coming up with this piece regarding the “death panels” comment by Sara Palin.  I was in stitches last night, no pun intended.


…is what you call what’s happening now.  Most (if not all) plans out there now have limits on what they’ll cover.  Even if you wish to have a covered procedure, the insurance company can deny coverage should they find a loophole.  No, the government isn’t going to cover every single thing you want them to, but neither is private insurance.  Chances are, you’ll actually get more coverage from a public plan.

You won’t be able to choose your doctor.

Not true.  You should be able to keep whatever doctor you like.  The truth is that it’s actually private insurers who force you to stay “in network” with the doctors you select.

Horror stories!

Medical malpractice happens under private insurance, too.  Denial of coverage happens under private insurance.  In fact, it’s more likely.  Next.

Abortions will be covered!

Not even close. Sorry.  Next.

We do want reform.

Okay.  Here ya go, Skippy.  What are you going to do?  What exactly is this profound revelation you have for us that is going to put our health care on par with other industrialized countries?

Yeah, that’s what I thought you were going to say.


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