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You stay classy, Paepcke!

Posted by ALmod on October 29, 2009

Anyone who reads my blog knows I’m not a Langford fan.  And I think the guilty verdict was deserved.  Heck, Langford’s own defense pretty much consisted of “Langford did it, but…”  There are no buts.  Langford did it and admitted it.  It’s nice that you think he’s a swell guy in spite of that, but it boils down to the fact he did it.

Now all that being said, let me direct you to this writeup by Kyle Whitmire, who (along with John Archibald) covered the trial spectacularly.  Now once you’ve read that, watch the video of Langford’s reaction, and then pay attention to the second reporter and the question he asks.  That reporter was NBC 13’s Jon Paepke.

Now, it’s quite obvious to anyone who isn’t a moron that Paepke wasn’t asking a serious question.  That was a kick in the nuts and berries that you’d expect from a blogger or pundit– not a professional news reporter.  Grow up.


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Larry Langford Isn’t the “Big Fish” for the Feds

Posted by ALmod on October 21, 2009

Many people have asked…  If this isn’t a case of political persecution, then why hasn’t Bettye Fine Collins been indicted yet?  That’s a good question.

Well, let’s set aside the whole fact that the FBI has been for some time up to their eyeballs in public corruption cases.  Typically, it’s in your better interest to start with the “smaller fish” and see if you can cut deals so that you can catch your “bigger fish.”  And some smaller fish have been pursued before they went after Langford.  But there are still fish in the water– many, many fish.

Langford is a big fish, but he isn’t the big fish.

My gut is telling me that something very big is about to come crashing down on J. P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs.  The number of times those names have been brought up in the first two days of testimony alone is telling.

EDIT: I forgot to include Lehman Bros. in the names being brought up in this trial.

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You can almost feel the trial drawing near…

Posted by ALmod on August 3, 2009

If the propaganda littering Birmingham City Hall is any indication, Larry Langford REALLY needs you to like him right now.  Yes, YOU could be a juror.

EDIT: Now with pictures!

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A Quorum, Indeed

Posted by ALmod on July 2, 2009

It took jurors so little time to find Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford’s buddy John Katopodis guilty on all counts that I didn’t even realize they were done.  I’m so used to slow trials, that I went out and had a late lunch.  I didn’t even bother to look at the news, so I heard from my husband when he got home from work.  Smart jurors.  Now if we can just hurry up and get Langford’s trial in gear before he can do even more damage to Birmingham.

Leave it to Scott Stantis to call it like it is…

Scott Stantis, The Birmingham News

Scott Stantis, The Birmingham News

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